He began studying Latin American dances at the age of 13, immediately approaching the world of competition, which soon gave satisfaction to his efforts both at a regional and national level. He almost always qualified among the finalist pairs of class and category in the competitions in which he participated, obtaining the qualification of regional vice-champions in the years 2009-2010-2013, of regional champions 2012-2014-2015-2018 and of semifinalists in the Italian category championship in 2015. He continues to study, participating in internships and private lessons with masters of the caliber of Melinda Torokgyorgy, Maurizio and Manuela Ghigiarelli, Alberto Pregnolato and many others.

He has also had various experiences on stage as principal dancer in "La traviata" at the Giuseppe Verdi opera house in Trieste in 2014 and in the "don Giovanni" dance troupe staged by the Piccolo Opera Festival FVG.

From 2010 to 2016 he participated in various competitions in the Paralympic sector, accompanying people of different disabilities in a path of individual and group growth. He was elected regional delegate of the F.I.D.S. FVG for the 2016/2020 four-year period.

Since December 2017, having obtained the first and second level diploma as a Latin American dance teacher at MIDAS (Italian masters of sports dance), she has also dedicated herself to the training of dancers of all ages, both in terms of social and competitive dance, without ever give up personal training

National Diploma of 1st level SNAQ technician in Latin American dances n ° 2020 / IRM / LTDK

Andrea Orsini


"La danza ci aiuta a conoscere noi stessi, ci insegna a trasmettere la nostra essenza all'altro: essa è espressione e comunicazione"