She graduated in the Nikolais-Louis Technique Teacher Certificate Program (NLTTCP) method in Florence, recognized by the Nikolais Foundation for Dance of New York '.

At the “Mousikè” in Bologna, she completed the National Course for danzeducatori® and also attended a training course held by the Compagnia Arearea of ​​Udine.

With her open, curious and interdisciplinary approach to relating to dance, she has been a guest of numerous international festivals. Her vision about the dance was strongly influenced by meeting and studying with Carolyn Carlson in Paris, where she recently worked with her company on the promo of a new film.

She teaches in various public and private schools and international workshops.

With her own performances and projects (VAL, BodyunTitled, DIH.respiro) she participated in numerous festivals on the national and international territory. The "BodyunTitled" project which includes a solo, a short film and a workshop, has been guest of several international festivals, including the prestigious June Events festival in Paris directed by Carolyn Carlson at the Theater du Soleil, the Tanzhaus Nrw Düsseldorf, the festival in Buenos Aires and at the Expanse festival in Edmonton, Canada. "BodyunTitled" won first prize at the 9th SidebySide International Dance Festival. Among the various video dance works in collaboration with the director Luca Quaia stand out "BodyunTitled" and the most recent "DIH.breath" first prize at the XVI Festival Internacional de Videodanzaba Buenos Aires. In 2016 she designed a new "DIH.breath" show for the Wunderkammer festival with the harpsichordist Paola Erdas. Daša Grgič often collaborates with actors, musicians, directors, video-artists and seeks a personal relationship with dance.

In 2014 she received from the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia the special recognition "Meta Vidmar list" for her dance activities in the pedagogical and artistic fields.

Daša Grgič

"Danzando cerco di affidarmi al corpo ed ai suoi possibili significati per rendere visibile l’invisibile"