ArteffettoDanza opened its very own Dance Training Centre on the 15th October 1999, with its headquarters initially in via Niccolò Machiavelli. It then added via dei Crociferi in 2010, as a second location, before moving permanently to its current location in via San Francesco d'Assisi 25, all in Trieste.

Corrado Canulli, Maria Luisa Turinetti di Priero and Silvia Califano were the founding members of this training centre which, in recent years, has managed to exhibit the professionalism and attendance expected of such schools of the highest level. Alumni of the ArterfettoDanza training centre include Michaela Colino, Thomas Giugovaz, Valentina Cantori, Jacopo Grabar, Aisha Narciso, Marta Keller, Anna Godina, Elisa Stebel, Anna Somma and Camilla Morsut.

The unique speciality of ArteffettoDanza has always been to carry out professional training alongside amateur training, offering numerous levels in a variety of different disciplines.

The teachers have almost all had professional experience in the discipline they teach, thus living the passion of dance first hand. Fundamental for those involved in dance training, what these teachers learned in class and on stage is transmitted with care and dedication directly to our students.

Artists who have performed at the Teatro alla Scala, at the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, at the Massimo in Palermo, at the Arena in Verona, at the Bellini in Catania, at the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari, at the Ponchielli in Cremona, at the Verdi in Trieste and in numerous other theatres, those who have danced in the major RAI, Mediaset programs and in prestigious film productions, not forgetting those that have choreographed shows of the Teatro Stabile of Friuli Venezia Giulia, of La Contrada Teatro Stabile of Trieste, of the Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi and many other national institutions: these are our teachers!

In the new venue, the breadth of space is such as to be able to create shows and open classes, a Summer Campus for students for 9 to 13 years old, space for theoretical lessons and seminars and finally, to continue the training of young athletes to provide them with a unique skillset, which will enable them to be successful in any endeavour they wish to undertake.

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