The objectives of the training are:

  • provide students with the best possible technical / athletic background, both for professional and amateur purposes;
  • teach them the discipline necessary to respect themselves, their body and their health, their classmates, teachers and common spaces;
  • accustom them to the practice of the stage through participation in all sporting and theatrical events in the most prestigious theaters of the city and the Region, also organizing directly an essay / show that closes every financial year
  • allow technical / athletic training in structures specially created for dance, with raised and cushioned platforms, coated with dance PVC;
  • train students aware of their "athletic" body and the discipline of dance, ready to become the public of tomorrow, to intrigue them in dance criticism or to transform them into scholars of the subject;
  • to train dancers ready to face auditions and auditions in Italy and abroad

The best advertising, our winning word of mouth, are our former students: Michaela Colino, dancer at the Scala in Milan and soloist at the Arena di Verona and Massimo in Palermo; Thomas Giugovaz first at Washington then at Sarasota and now at the Hong Kong Ballet; Aisha Narciso dancer in the Nuovo Balletto di Toscana; Jacopo Grabar first at the Siena Ballet, then at the Baltik Dance Theater in Gdansk, Poland, then at the Ballett des Stadttheathers Bremerhaven and now at the Sidney Dance Company; Valentina Cantori in the Nice to meet you professional group; Shir Misan first student of the A.M.D.A. the American Academy of Musicals and now freelance in New York; Anna Godina pupil of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan; Marta Keller now at the IAB Barcelona based in Sitges; Camilla Morsut in the First Level Diploma course at the National Dance Academy in Rome; Elisa Stiebel at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and many others!

Cos'è Arteffetto secondo Maurizio Bressan