The study of Classical Ballet involves ensuring a correct physio-morphological development through the gradual methodological approach of the technique.

The search for a continuous improvement of classical gesture and athletic level is only obtained by constant and continuous work, characterised by progress.

The study begins at about nine years old and continues daily for another eight years and, if followed regularly, will allow the student to achieve: an awareness of their body and movement in relation to the surrounding space, mastery of balance control, and an advanced coordination of movement. Initially the challenges related to transference of the weight are faced, then those of the extra rotation of the lower limbs, next the rotations of the body with respect to the load-bearing axes, all the way up to the technical difficulties ‘en pointe’ for the women and the big jumps for the men.

At the intermediate and advanced level, the students’ learning is enriched by studying the choreography of the most famous ballets of the classical tradition.

danza classica