In collaboration with Viento Flamenco ASD.

Courses are developed over an entire Academic Year, which is divided into three quarterly cycles each consisting of 12 lessons of one hour or one and a half hours depending on the level.

During the year, classes are given on technique (pies - palmas, braceos, etc.), use of the manton, fan, castanets, bata de cola technique as well as choreography: each course/level studies a specific choreography based on a selected palos flamenco throughout the year

Classes will occasionally be accompanied by a guitar/voice so as to accustom the student to the proper live relationship with the other elements of the flamenco framework.

cinque donne con le gonne tipiche della danza flamenca, la bata de cola, accompagnate in scena da alcuni musicisti


Flamenco Bambini (6/10ANNI) lunedì 18:00/19:00
Flamenco Beginners lunedì 19:00/20:30
Flamenco Intermediate/Advanced lunedì 20:30/22:00