Hip Hop is an easy and engaging dance style that can give good results in a short time!

It originates from and/or adheres to the cultural and aesthetic principles of the current of the same name that was born in 1973. In the mid-1980s, hip hop music underwent an epochal change and one of the main consequences was the need to invent steps and dance forms that could adapt to the new sounds of the time. Thus Old School, New School, Breakdance, Locking, Popping, UpRock and C-Walking are all stylistic currents that converge into the one big family of Hip Hop. 

Because there are so many variations and styles, the teacher has the opportunity to give his or her own personal interpretation to the lessons, mixing genres, even if making it too strict and choreographic risks dispersing elements of primary importance such as improvisation and personal interpretation


undici ragazze vestite di scuro, immerse in fumo e luci colorate a rappresentare meteore e stelle comete


Hip Hop Junior martedì e giovedì 17:30/18:30 Massimiliano Max Tudor
Hip Hop Intermediate martedì e giovedì 18:30/19:30 Massimiliano Max Tudor
Hip Hop Adulti martedì 19:30/20:30 Massimiliano Max Tudor