It is a dance technique characterised by great vitality, at the same time elegant, which conveys not only the precision of technique, but also the rediscovery of the body in harmony between rhythm and movement: pure joy of dancing.

Classes are dynamic, based on contemporary and pop music and very much choreography-driven. The ModernCoreoLab modules include the creation of a video at the end of each sequence learnt that you can disseminate on your social channels: in step with the times!

Derived from the African folk dances, with which the natives spent their time on slave ships as they were transported to the Americas, modern jazz was initially closely related to the music genre of the same name. Once it arrived in America, it merged with the technical principles of classical dance, enriched, however, with multiple styles: from the refined gesture of modern-contemporary, to the irony of the musical, from the disruptive energy of funky video clips to the felinity of lyrical-jazz.

For students aged nine and up.

gruppo di danzatrici simulano gli effetti della bora di Trieste


Modern Pre Beginners martedì e venerdì 17:30/18:30 Giulia Cechet
Modern Beginners lunedì 17:30/18:45 giovedì 17:15/18:30 Giulia Cechet
Modern Intermediate lunedì e giovedì 15:30/16:45 Laura Campanella
Modern Advanced lunedì 18:45/20:15 giovedì 18:30/20:00 Giulia Cechet
Modern Adulti Beginners martedì e giovedì 20:15/21:30 Giulia Cechet
Modern Adulti Intermediate lunedì 20:15/21:30 mercoledì 20:00/21:15 Giulia Cechet
Latin rhythm mercoledì 17:30/18:30 Andrea Orsini