It is a dance technique characterised by great vitality, where movement, music, sensation and interpretative strength coexist in joyful union.

Derived from African folk dances, with which the natives passed the time on the slave ships while they were transported to the Americas, ‘Jazz’ was initially strongly connected to the homonymous musical genre. When it landed in America, it merged with the technical principles of classical dance and became enriched by many styles: from the refined gesture of the modern-contemporary matrix, to the irony of the musical, to the explosive energy of funky music videos to the felinity of lyrical-jazz.

The result is a strong yet elegant style that conveys, in addition to the precision of technique, the rediscovery of the body in harmony with rhythm and movement: the joy of dancing!

For students aged nine years and over.



Beginners Junior martedì e giovedì 17:15/18:45 Giulia Cechet
Beginners lunedì 16:00/17:30 mercoledì 16:45/18:15 Laura Campanella
Pre Intermediate lunedì 16:45/18:15 mercoledì 15:00/16:30 Laura Campanella
Intermediate & Pre Advanced lunedì 15:15/16:45 giovedì 15:30/17:00 Giulia Cechet
Advanced lunedì e mercoledì 18:30/20:00 Giulia Cechet
Amateur lunedì 20:15/21:45 mercoledì 20:30/22:00 Giulia Cechet