This edition of the Festival, the fourth, is born under a lucky star; even if we were in the great hall we might say 'under a sky full of stars!' The new star is called "Il Rossetti, Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia", which has chosen to collaborate with us for this showcase for contemporary dance. The collaboration with IlRossetti is particularly important and interesting: first, because that is committed to our Festival, offers a 360 ° of dance productions, offering rare occurrence of a single entity, the second because it allows the marriage of public and private initiative strongly encouraged by the institutions but little support, and thirdly because it allows us to use a flexible space and permeated contemporary, such as the Sala Bartoli; quarter because we were able to do that!
Our intent is confirmed: the shows offer "other" from the official schedules. What do we mean? All those shows younger, smaller, less known but with charisma, of experimentation and, above all substance.
We started from the small stage of the Teatro Miela with a single evening, and we arrive here with three new productions that are granted in the First Regional and five evenings of entertainment: the Company Točnadanza, Thomas Noone Dance Company and ArteBlu.

The Company Točnadanza, on stage the 5th and 6th June, 2006 unites us an artistic and human brotherhood, through ten years, made with passion and love for dance, both of our companies were young and willing, and from this union were born two productions of our company with their cooperation. We are delighted to host the latest work "Lighting Cue Number": a show of poetry, like all creations of Michela Barasciutti, which the press greeted with comments such as: "the dance of Barasciutti is dictated by the heart, which in this case the sensitivity combines intelligence and creativity certainly not trivial "and even" Michela Barasciutti can dance the emotions of the light. "
Pleased to offer another first the 8th of June and repeated on the 9th , a British choreographer inchoreographic residency in Barcelona "Fútil" interpreted by Thomas Noone Dance. This show is extremely refined in the use of stage equipment, lights and especially in the choreographic language. In the scene along a love relationship in reverse: starting from the silence of one ends with the sweetness of the first meeting.
The last presence with Compagnia di Parma ArteBlu the 10th June , 2006 with "... and you seem to know no longer where you are ..." designed by Roberta Voltolina coregrafa and dancer. The critical Valeria Ottolenghi writes "Ending with a flourish with Voltolina" ... we could close with a better show? A journey by train, perhaps, to let go softly into the infinite journey of the imagination.

They are all exciting show, which favor the feelings that only the human body in motion can greare and suggest that we are sure you will remain in minds and hearts!

The Artistic Director

Corrado Canulli

Trieste per la danza 2006