Flamenco was born as a style of music and dance in Andalusia before even the 15th century. It was influenced by nomadic gypsies and spread throughout Spain, becoming part of its culture.

Its main forms of expression are: Baile (dance), Cante (singing) and Toque (guitar/cajon). There are more than 40 Palos (styles) with Compas (different rhythms), of which the main ones are: Buleria, Solea, Fandango, Alegria, Tango, Rumba, Seguiriya, etc.

In addition to learning the basic and advanced technique of traditional Flamenco Baile, our courses train our students learn to interpret choreographies based on both pure Flamenco and Nuevo (contemporary) and Spanish Classical Dance.

Flamenco - foto di Fabio Parenzan