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Through numerous, imaginative and fun exercises derived from Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Postural Gymnastics, we will focus on improving your posture, alignment, single-leg balance (on the forefoot and toe) and the ability to perform rotations (pirouettes), abdominal wall control and strengthening (box, safe, core, powerhouse, corset, etc. - always about that!)


This is a new programme specially designed for an adult audience of beginners, where elements of Pilates, isometric toning and dance principles coexist. A class that is dynamic but deep, reasoned but light: come and try it!


Carmelo's attentive and expert eye will lead you in a group lesson that will feel like a personal training session! Small pieces of equipment and a lot of material resulting from years of his personal training and teaching will be offered within stimulating and fun medium-impact lessons




The Ground Bar is a technique that derives from classical ballet but eliminates all its difficulties caused by having to balance on one leg, as you train sitting or lying on the floor. It is a totally different way of toning and stretching, combining the joint mobility of a dancer with the muscle tone of an athlete. Training while seated or lying down facilitates the perception of alignment and stretching, allowing the development of strength and coordination; by concentrating only on one's own body, one learns to feel, to memorise what is right and physiologically correct.

disegno di quattro persone che fanno ginnastica su uno sfondo stellato


Allenatevi e riallineatevi con Carmelo mercoledì 16:45/17:30 in parallelo con DanzaGiocando Lilla Carmelo Farina
Fisiotecnica per la danza avanzati martedì 15:00/15:30 Corrado Canulli-Dzuro
Fisiotecnica per la danza intermedi giovedì 16:00/16:30 Corrado Canulli-Dzuro
Mobility pranzo lunedì e venerdì 13:15/14:15 Ivana Pretegiani
Mobility pomeriggio lunedì 17:00/18:00 mercoledì 18:00/19:00 Ivana Pretegiani
Sbarra a terra pranzo martedì e giovedì 13:15/14:15 Giulia Cechet
Sbarra a terra sera mercoledì 18:30/19:30 Anna Portosi
DanzaFitLates martedì 19:00/20:00 Giulia Cechet