This course is a playful recreational training preparatory to classical or modern dance, designed specifically for children, who are stimulated and assisted through playful proposals, allowing space for the development of their potential.

Games and exercises related to rhythm, space and body perception are introduced in a visual language relevant to their age, to deepen the natural joy of movement, to increase awareness of oneself in relation the other classmates and to reinforce confidence in oneself and others.

Through the exploration of different tools: to observe, imitate, discover, improvise, choose, share, collaborate, practice, refine, perform, perfect, analyse, discuss, reflect, in parallel with an awareness of one’s body, we aim to refine the mental, physical and social skills of our students, thus ensuring development and encouraging independence. Only then the children will be ready to face the demands of the discipline and technique that the study of dance (both classical and modern) require, ultimately to achieve the incredible satisfaction of allowing the body, soul and mind dance as one.