It is a playful preparatory activity for both classical or modern dance, designed for the needs of children, who are stimulated and assisted, leaving them space to develop their own potential, through playful proposals.

Games and exercises related to rhythm, space and bodily perception are proposed, in a visual language understandable at their age, in order to deepen the natural joy of movement, increase their experience of others and strengthen their self-confidence in themselves and towards others.

In parallel, through the exploration of different processes, including observing, imitating, discovering, improvising, choosing, sharing, collaborating, practising, performing, perfecting, analysing, discussing, reflecting, they will be supported towards awareness of their own bodies and to refine their abilities (psychic, physical and social) and thus their independence and development. Only then will the children be ready to tackle the discipline and technique that the study of dance, both classical and modern, requires to achieve the great satisfaction of making the body, soul and mind dance at the same time!

piccole allieve di danza vestite da coccinelle


Danzagiocando Beginners giovedì 16:45/17:30 Laura Campanella
Danzagiocando Viola mercoledì 17:00/17:45 Giulia Cechet
Danzagiocando Rosa mercoledì 16:45/17:30 Laura Campanella
Propedeutico Blu martedì 17:00/17:45 venerdì 16:45/17:30 Giulia Cechet
Propedeutico Bianco lunedì 16:45/17:30 mercoledì 17:30/18:15 Laura Campanella
Propedeutico Celeste lunedì e giovedì 17:30/18:30 Laura Campanella