TRIESTE PER LA DANZA 2009 / Danza e dintorni contemporanei



Thanks to your generosity, during the evenings of the Festival 2009 was collected EURO 523.00 that will be used to support activities on behalf of children with rare diseases: THANK YOU!


The audience, large enough to give us two "sold out", so voted for the shows presented during the 8 nights of the Festival:








See you in 2010 for a real festival full of side events!

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TRIESTE PER LA DANZA 2009 / Danza e dintorni contemporanei

VII edition

Also this year, thanks to the collaboration with "il Rossetti" Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, our festival finds in Sala Bartoli of Trieste its own ideal base.

The festival will be inaugurated Friday, 8 May at 9 p.m. and repeated Saturday, 9 May at the same time with the show “FOUR” choreographed by Thomas Noone, also performer with his wife Nuria Martinez. The show deals with four different moods: boredom and routine, fragility and vulnerability, physical and psychological aggression, fear and dependence. Each section is characterized by music composed by different composers (Diego Dall'Osto, Felipe Perez Santiago, Joan Chic and Gene Carl) and different styles of dance.

Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th will treat the boards the choreographer and dancer with African origins Myula Sungani who directs his own company CRDL / Company Sungani Mvula in Rome. The fantastic journey is the ploy used in “ATLANTIDE”to tell stories that take from themselves to a fictional island where all cultures meet. This journey takes strength and structure from classical music combined with popular music and it is a reconnaissance around the most intimate aspects but more true of the individual sounds that come from people. On stage in addition to the prima ballerina Emanuela Bianchini, 7 other dancers of high technical and artistic caliber.

TRITTICO staged on May the 15th and 16th, contains three visions of duets created by the Companies ArteffettoDanza, Arearea and Sharon Fridman. Arearea take from Udine his prominent couple composed by the choreographers and dancers Marta Bevilacqua and Luca Zampar with an extract from their show "Un chilo di mele basterà"; Sharon Fridman and Carlos Fernandez will come from Spain to tell their idea of ​​duet with "Carlos & Me" winner of 5 awards in the Choreographic Competition of Madrid; At last the hosts ArteffettoDanza will perform with "Scomoda_mente" by and with Federica Russolo and Corrado Canulli; a show where it all begins in a waiting room, whatever waiting room, a place where you wait for a doctor, the hairdresser, a birth or a death, anyway you wait your turn.
The Festival ends on May the 18th and May the 19th with the performance “SHAKE” of the Company Ersiliadanza of Verona: as a shock, such as a sound of bell ringing, as shrugging, shaking, wobbling,  to leave sb. in a state of uncertainty. Created with Carlotta Plebs, Cristina Surace and Midori Watanabe, the the show is directed by Laura Corradi.

Four evenings of great international contemporary dance!

Festival 2009