"After the huge success of last year it is back on stage at Sala Bartoli the season “Trieste per la danza 2007 – danza e dintorni contemporanei” that ArteffettoDanza organizes with the Regional Repertory Theatre. The season - which opens May 19 and was presented at a press conference Tuesday, 24 April at Politeama Rossetti - leads to Trieste some of the most interesting companies in the world of italian and international "new dance".

It was absolutely important the success reached by “Trieste per la danza – danza e dintorni contemporanei” last year that has been hosted for the first time in the exciting area of Sala Bartoli of Politeama Rossetti. It therefore seems natural to the organizers - the Society ArteffettoDanza and Teatro Stabile del Friuli-Venezia Giulia - also make the new edition - the fifth - of the season in the same frame and to continue a collaboration that both proved to be of considerable interest.

The program of “Trieste per la danza 2007 – Danza e dintorni contemporanei” was therefore presented Tuesday, 24 April during a press conference that was held at the Politeama Rossetti. The Festival will bring in Trieste some of the companies worthy of greater attention and more fascinating of the panorama of the italian and international "new dance" which will be distributed in six evenings of dance. To bring attention to contemporary dance which conveys emotions through the most current expression represents for the Stable a completion of its business which has long devoted attention and space to this kind of show. In these years the billboard “danza e dintorni” of the Stable has collected accessions more and more enthusiastic combining classical and modern repertoire and trying to give the public the highest quality from the artistic point of view (take for example, among the names in the season just ended, Roberto Bolle, Martha Graham Dance Company, Momix): it was natural enrich this proposal with interesting, unusual, stimulating and valuable presence, enabling viewers to broaden their knowledge and  to hone his taste in this area. Here-hence the opening repertoire "other" that for several years ArteffettoDanza collects in the careful planning of “Trieste per la danza – danza e dintorni contemporanei” which since last year is housed at the Sala Bartoli.


The fifth edition of the Festival presents three events, all worthy of attention: it will begin Saturday, 19 May with a very unique proposal, a triptych of "solo" performed by two artists of the first level, Daniele Albanese e Carlotta Plebs.Wednesday, 23 May the Slovenian dancer Tanja Skok will close the season with a show called “Bassa Continua”. Saturday, 26 May it will be the turn of Crush (for four dancers) and Before, both choreography of the excellent Anglo-Spanish dancer and choreographer Thomas Noone (who also starred with Nuria Martinez in the second piece in the program). Each event will have a day to reply, all performances will begin at 9 p.m. except that of 26 and 27 May. In these two evenings - due to a combination - the beginning of the ballet will roll at 9.30 p.m.

The festival's artistic director, Corrado Canulli, said he was satisfied of the consolidation of regional cooperation with the Stabile and has announced, as celebration of the achievement of the "first five" of the event, a special project that will accompany “trieste per la danza 2007” :" We are organizing a photo exhibition which will remain on display for the entire duration of the festival and will stay along the foyer of ground floor of Politeama Rossetti, welcoming those who will want to see our dance "has in fact anticipated Canulli. "Our festival will open with a novelty for Trieste – he has continued penetrating to the heart of the program - an evening of solos. Heir of the trials of the Judson Church in New York of the Seventies, this type of performance allows the performers a great formal freedom and experimentation, performed through the body of the choreographer-performer. Daniele Albanese, from Parma, with "àrebours 1" and "àrebours 2" and Carlotta Plebs, from Mestre, with "Tin ... tin ... ambulis". Following, a show that starts from the baroque dance and comes to a recipe to marinade fish: it has just represented the "Moving cake" of Ljubljana, the Slovenian platform of dance; this piece, designed by Tanja Skok and entitled “Bassa continua”, will be preceded by an improvisation that will take place on the square outside the theater. Because of the great favor that last year has aroused Futìl, Thomas Noone ballet which won the poll of the audience, Canulli noted that he had again invited the Anglo-Spanish choreographer to close the Festival "We thought about doing something appreciated bringing her new diptych: "Crush and Before". The first is a piece for four dancers while the second is a duet that will see again on stage Thomas Noone and Nuria Martinez. ».

For the Festival “Trieste per la danza 2007 – Danza e dintorni contemporanei” tickets are individually priced at € 15 (Whole) with a reduction for subscribers of regional Stabile Under-25 to € 12 in Sala Bartoli. You can also buy the entire bill for a subscription price of € 30 with a reduction to € 24 for subscribers of regional Stabile and Under 25. The presale is open from Friday, 27 April.

The photo exhibition will be free admission, open in box office hours from one hour before the shows.

Tickets and subscriptions are available at the usual outlets of regional Stabile: Box office Politeama Rossetti (Monday to Saturday 8.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m. , 15.30 p.m. -19 p.m.), the Ticket Point (weekdays 8.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m. , 15.30 p. m.-19 p.m.) and Pansepol Agency ( Via del Monte, 2) Agency Bagolandia (Via San Marco, 45) and in the agencies of Muggia (Agenzia Peekabooh), Monfalcone (Agenzia Universal), Gorizia (Appiani Agenzia), San Vito al Tagliamento (Agenzia Medina Viaggi) and at Agenzie del Circuito Charta throughout the country (list on the site of the Theatre). CallTicket to the number 040-986.986.6. About www.ilrossetti.it. and the 040/3593511.

Trieste per la danza 2007