Thanks to the contribution of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, "Trieste for Dance"  reach the second edition, a festival about the most original and exciting news from world of performing arts, already much applauded last December. The goal is to offer the public a different perspective, new and original of what is happening in the Europe dance world: the emerging companies, the most interesting choreographers, the most exciting tracks. The event is organized by Arteffetto with the aim of giving the public a different perspective of dance, generally not present in the institutional circuits.

It will be staged at the Crystal Theatre in Trieste from Friday, 14 May at 9 p.m. when Companies from Triveneto will stage: Fabula Saltica from Rovigo with an excerpt from the ballet "Pinocchio" by Claudio Ronda, Tocna from Venice with "il volo interrotto" by Michela Barasciutti and Arteffetto from Trieste and "Farewell" by Corrado Canulli and Davide Del Degan who debuts in national preview for the occasion.

Saturday, 15 May at 9 p.m. we will see the new dance of Alpe Adria: Spiral (E) from Vienna with "Territorio di caccia" by Franco Reffo and "Succumb to U" by Jackie Gray, Tina Dobaj from Maribor with an excerpt from "Cesta" and the Arteffetto hosts which replicate "Farewell"

Young companies, various emanations of dance training centers from various regions of Italy,  will discuss Sunday,16 May at 6 p.m.. Each evening, the Vocational Training Centre for the Performing Arts "City of Trieste" will welcome you with a selection of young students. Through a voting system it will be asked the public to give their judgment on dance (that never as in this 'time will demonstrate that we can get over geographical linguistic and cultural barriers) to decree the song that will be most appreciated.

Trieste per la danza 2004